From Concept to Realization

Embedded Hardware Design and Development

Our hardware design team develops electronic systems for a wide range of industries including high-reliability industrial and avionics equipment, cutting-edge broadband wireless communications and low-cost consumer products. Our architects and circuit designers have decades of experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Precision Analog Design
  • High-speed Digital Design
  • VHDL / Verilog, Programmable Logic
  • RF Design including
  • Power Supply Design
  • Environmental (EMC, EMI, safety) compliance and regulatory approval including FCC, EU, UL

We perform analysis of circuit cards and enclosure for enduring environmental stresses, such as vibration, thermal cycling and gravitational stress.

We maintain tools for completely documenting the design. We use both associative CAD databases and a Parts and Vendors database. The aerospace industry requires many controls on maintaining configuration as well as multiple sources parts lists and we have adapted this to projects beyond this specific industry.