Reliability and Failure Analysis

X-Ray: 2D and 3D Capabilities

Cascade Engineering Failure Analysis lab is equipped with 2D & 3D x-ray capabilities.


  • Multi-focus X-Ray tube with High Power, Nanofocus and Microfocus Capabilities; Open tube, enabling smaller spot size and higher spatial resolution down to 0.5 um.
  • High power transmission target
  • Power range from 10-160 kV
  • 5-Motor driven axes for high precision
  • 140 degree+ oblique viewing via detector tilt
  • 360 degree rotational sample table
  • 2D and 3D-CT (Computed Tomography) imaging
  • Flat panel HD detector, supporting 10~30 frames per second
  • BGA (Buffer Gate Array) analysis, Void calculations, Die Attach analysis
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) capability


  • Non-destructive Failure analysis tool
  • Inspection of IC components & solder joints on printed circuit boards. Useful for detection of typical defects like: Cracks, ‘Opens’, ‘Bridging’, ‘Voiding’, Misalignment, Missing joints etc…
  • Inspection of active and passive components, electronic components and hybrid modules
  • Checking electromechanical components, especially those that are fully enclosed, such as sensors, relays, safety fuses, coils etc…
  • Inspection of plastics, ceramics, light metals and steel
  • Evaluating Process effects on product reliability
  • Root Cause Analysis of product failures resulting from Usage or Test conditions