From Concept to Realization


AvMET™ (Aviation Maintenance Engineering Technology), is used by Airlines to maintain and track their Aircraft Fleets. AvMET™ is a cloud based system focused on core maintenance and engineering functions required by all airlines. This is flexible and intuitive tool that fits seamlessly into your processes and provides users unparalleled easy access to various critical functionality, data and documents.

AvMET™ modules include Flight Logs, Defect & Deferral Tracking, Configuration and parts management, Maintenance Planning and forecasting, Tech Pubs & Regulatory (AD/SB) Compliance Tracking. Users can configure their fleet models in AvMET™ to control parts & task applicability and ensure that only applicable items are issued and tracked. AvMET tracks fleet utilization through individual flight logs. Scanned copies of documents are available in the system to provide proof of compliance for all log & maintenance events including part changes & maintenance sign offs.

AvMET™ Maintenance Module supports comprehensive Task Card, Mainteance Order, Maintenance Planning and Check Packaging functionality. Our innovative Flexible Maintenance Planning (FMP) technology allows Airlines to simplify mainteance packaging by automatically identifying tasks that need to be accomplished based on the framework of your Maintenance Schedule. Using FMP your planning specialists optimize mainteance task yield and save costs related to labor, early maintenance and avoidable shop visits.
AvMET™ highlights include

  • Track, forecast, package and plan maintenance tasks
  • Support for different maintenance plans (MTOP and Block)
  • Flexible Maintenance Planning
  • Allows Airlines to manage multiple fleets from different OEMs
  • Configuration control of parts, engines, technical publications and maintenance requirements
  • Part Forecast, usage tracking, on/off history & life tracking
  • Scanned copies of compliance documents (sign off, part tags, inspection reports, ATL...) embedded in the reports
  • Tracking of Deferred Maintenance Items
  • Airworthiness Directives (AD) and Service Bulletins (SB) management, setup, forecast, tracking and reporting
  • Online Manuals management, scheduling, storage & distribution
  • Part assembly (NHA) management

AvMET™ is continuously developed to add new functionality and services in response to our airline customers’ needs. Please contact us to schedule a demo.