Reliability and Failure Analysis

Mechanical & Material Testing

Force /Displacement Testers: We have both Instron and Mecmesin Force-Displacement testers with up to 5kN force capability. Combined with specialized attachments, we offer the following test services:

  • Basic Force/Displacement measurements such as Force-to-Fire, Insertion Force, and Extraction Force.
  • Tensile / Compression Stress Measurements including three and four point bends.
  • Adhesive Pull & Peel System designed to measure the force required to peel/pull a sample from its backing material or substrate with available test Angles 30¬, 45¬, 60¬, 90¬, 120¬, 135¬, and 150¬ degrees.
  • With integrated environmental chamber for testing at different temperatures.

Dynamic and Thermal Mechanical Analyzers: We have in house, both a DMA Q800 and TMA Q400 for the characterization of visco-elastic material properties as a function of time/temperature/frequency (DMA) or material property characterization such as CTE, and Glass-transition temperature (TMA).

Abrasion Testing: We have the ability to evaluate the relative resistance or susceptibility of your product’s surface to scratch, mar, gouge, and scrape with our Taber 5750 Linear Abrader.

Fatigue Life Testers: Our CES Engineers can design and implement a custom made life test for your product.

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