From Concept to Realization

Electronic Product Design

We design and develop high quality embedded systems products rapidly and efficiently. Our design expertise includes extensive experience with design for test, design of custom test solutions, volume manufacturing and production support. This, coupled with a large onsite environmental lab enables us to own all aspects of the product lifecycle and deliver robust solutions.

We have a competitive advantage designing products optimized for quality, reliability and product cost. We leverage our Reliability and Failure Analysis teams to analyze design weakness, facilitate material selection during the design phase, conduct cost optimization based on reliability requirements and perform risk analysis. This domain expertise and how it can help you is covered in detail here: Physics of Failure

We exploit advanced analytical techniques to yield practical solutions to complex problems. We have extensive experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermal / Fluids and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques in both commercial and military environments. A dedicated section for this expertise is found in CAD / FEA / CFD.

We are flexible and work to your needs. We provide full turnkey solutions, starting with an initial concept or requirements set and delivering in return a production ready product. We also offer design and development assistance on portions of products or portions of the product lifecycle. For example, we provide specific development support to clients that may lack expertise in a particular domain. This spans critical design reviews to actual development tasks. In addition, we implement upgrades, reliability improvements and cost reductions on whole products. Read about our domain specific expertise in Capabilities.

Our methodology is process oriented. Our projects adhere to defined processes, as applicable to the industry. For example: Avionics software follows DO-178B. We utilize Agile methods on select consumer or industrial software development projects.