Reliability and Failure Analysis

Optical Microscope with Stitching Capability

Cascade Engineering’s lab is equipped with high powered Optical Imaging capability, an integral part of our Failure Analysis capabilities.


  • Up to 1000x Magnification
  • DIC (Differential Interference Contrast), Darkfield/Brightfield and multiple light filtering capabilities
  • Equipped with an Olympus UC50 Camera capable of 4-24 fps & 5 MP resolution
  • Motorized Z stage for EFI (Extended Focal Imaging) and Stacked Imaging for improved image quality
  • System software supports automated Z Stack ‘Acquisition and Stitching Capability’ to enable better resolution & focus for failed parts and assemblies


  • The optical microscope is an excellent Non-destructive Failure analysis tool
  • Used for Inspection of IC components & solder joints on printed circuit boards. Helps in identifying typical defects like: Cracks, Opens, Bridging, Voiding, Misalignment, Missing joints etc…
  • Inspection of active and passive components, electronic components and hybrid modules
  • Stacked Imaging and Stitching capabilities provide high quality composite imaging of cracked, failed & fractured surfaces