Reliability and Failure Analysis

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (CSAM)

Cascade Engineering’s Failure Analysis Lab capabilities includeC computerized scanning acoustic microscopy (CSAM).

The Scanning Acoustic Tomography process uses ultra high frequency ultrasound as an effective and commonly used technique for identifying silicon defects such as voids, cracks and de-laminations in electronic components.

Our labs CSAM facilities complement the other X-ray visualization we provide. As acoustic imaging is very sensitive to the elastic properties of materials it is more sensitive for detecting air space type defects. Together, the various imaging tools and techniques provide comprehensive analysis to build a more complete picture of the cause of failure.


  • Gen5 Sonoscan
  • Locates hidden flaws before they lead to failures
  • Detects delamination as thin a 200 Angstroms
  • Isolates material property variations
  • Measures material density, porosity, inclusions, cracks and voids
  • Assesses thermal, impact and fatigue damage


  • Non-destructive Failure analysis tool
  • Evaluation microelectronic components like ceramic chip capacitors (CSPs), die attach, chip scale packages, Ball grid arrays (BGAs), power modules etc.
    • Typical defects: Cracks, Opens, Bridging, Voiding
  • Inspection of IC components & solder joints on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and Lead free devices