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Accelerometer Calibration

Cascade’s Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Model 9155 offers accurate back-to-back comparison calibrations of ICP® (IEPE) and charge mode piezoelectric accelerometers in accordance with ISO 16063-21. This system also calibrates piezoresistive (MEMS), capacitive, and velocity sensors via available options.

The Model 9155D-779 Low Frequency Long Stroke Calibration Shaker, option to the 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation, represents a new level of performance in calibration grade long stroke shakers with SmartStroke™ technology. The 9155D-779 offers both optical displacement and high sensitivity accelerometer reference technology, providing a frequency range of 0.5Hz to 500Hz.

Cascade has quick turn-around times for our Accelerometer Calibration Services. Our wait times are typically under 7 days and in many cases we can expedite your accelerometer and have it calibrated and back to you within 24 hours. The quality of our work, competitive pricing and the fast turn-around times together offer an unbeatable value for all your accelerometer calibration needs.

Accelerometer Calibration system, Basic 9155 Specifications

Frequency Range 5 Hz - 20 kHz with 9155D-831 Air-Bearing Shaker, 0.5 Hz - 500 Hz with 9155D-771 Low Frequency, Long Stroke Shaker
Typical Measurement Uncertainty See Certificate of Accreditation, , A2La Certificate Number: 2560.01
Calibration Method Back-to-back comparison per ISO 16063-21
Measurements Sensitivity, Amplitude, Phase, Bias, Resonance, Linearity, Shock, Shunt, DC Offset, Bridge Resistance, DC Sensitivity
Accelerometers Supported ICP®, Charge, Voltage, Capacitive, Piezoresistive, CVLD
Sensors Supported Acceleration, Velocity
TEDS Sensor Support IEEE 1451.4, IEEE P1451.4
Excitation Type Stepped Sine, Multi-sine
Acceleration Levels 0.1 to 10 gpk
Automatic pass, fail and marginal Classification Pass, Fail and Marginal (For measurements that combine with measurement uncertainties are indeterminate) on each frequency measured.
Measurement Units English, Metric